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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. Over 8 million people live within the greater KL area which is clearly noticeable by the huge and vast amounts of traffic that goes into the city every morning, and slowly leaves the city in the evening. Kuala Lumpur has many interesting attractions; like Merdeka Square, Chinatown, Petronas Twin Towers and much more. KL is also known as a shoppers paradise; there are numerous huge shopping malls where you can literally shop till you drop.

Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC is positioned as the tourist shopping Walhalla of Malaysia. You will almost daily see commercials about this mall on local television channels at your hotel. Suria KLCC is a luxurious mall with over 320 stores, and is located directly beneath the Petronas Twin Towers. It caters to middle and upper class Malaysians and to tourists. Nearly 40 million people visit the mall every year; which makes it one of the busiest malls in Malaysia. Suria KLCC is also very popular among those that do a short stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Besides shopping options you have a large cinema, an orchestra hall (Dewan Filharmonik Petronas), an aquarium, a convention center, an art gallery and a beautiful park. The park is usually full of people and fun to walk through. The outdoor swimming pool in the park is especially nice for families (with kids). Biggest attraction at Suria KLCC is of course a visit to the sky bridge or the observation deck of the Petronas Twin Towers. Visitors that buy their entrance ticket early on the day usually spend some time exploring Suria KLCC before their visit to the top of the towers.

Craft Complex

Located at the "Golden Triage" of Kuala Lumpur business district, Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex is a one-stop craft centre which offers visitors a unique variety of craft-related activities and programmes. It is a "must visit" tourist destination. The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex is managed by the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation, a statutory body under Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage. Main Attractions at Craft Complex:

The Craft Museum This special museum displays a wide collections of handicraft products/artifacts based on time-honoured Malaysian craft traditions. The core concept of the Craft Museum is education and highlights the textile heritage of Malaysia and local handicraft production technologies.

The Craft Village In this village, visitors will learn about Malaysian handicraft through craft demonstrations & hands-on interactive sessions. Visitors will experience the interactive hand-drawn batik and ceramic sessions besides viewing the hand-printed batik, woodcarving and pewter making.

The Artists' Colony  With 11 galleries and 22 resident artists, The Artiests' Colony is a place for Malaysian artists to express their creativity through the creation of art based on Malaysiana themes. Karyaneka Craft Boutique

Visitors can shop for quality Malaysian handicraft here. A wide selection of craft products encompassing personal adornment, interior decor, souvenirs, textiles & corporate gifts are available - all with a distinctive Malaysian identity.

The Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex also host a number of activities for tourists and visitors. These includes annual events "National Handicraft Day" and "Love Malaysian Crafts", weekly cultural shows at Laman Wau and daily handicraft demonstrations at Craft Village.


The dinner will be  served at the Saloma Theatre Restaurant followed by a cultural show that will starts at 8.30. For one hour, the 18-member Saloma Dancers will present a selection of Asia's rich cultural heritage with contemporary and cultural performances.