“Managing Digital Curricula Using the Free,
Device-Independent Collabrify Roadmap System”
Cathie Norris, Regents Professor, University of North Texas, Denton, TX. USA Elliot Soloway, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


“There’s never been a better time to be a worker with special technological skills or education” observe Brynjolfsson and McAfee in their recent book, The Second Machine Age. And there’s never been a better way to acquire those skills and education than to use instructional materials developed by expert teachers. Towards reducing the challenges of developing and using deeply-digital,
highly-interactive curriculum, we have developed the Collabrify Roadmap System (CoRS).

In our hands-on workshop – Managing Digital Curricula – attendees will use the free, device-independent, tools in the Collabrify Roadmap System to manage the full life-cycle of a “Roadmap” – a sequence of digital objects that support learners – children to adults – in developing the skills and understanding that are increasingly needed in our digital world. The CoRS supports educators in:

  • creating Roadmaps from OER – Open Education Resources that are available on the Internet;
  • distributing Roadmaps to learners for use on their mobile devices;
  • monitoring learners, in real-time, as they move through the Roadmaps;
  • assessing the artifacts developed by learners during Roadmap enactment;
  • and, sharing Roadmaps in a professional community.

The CoRS is being used by teachers and students in U.S. (Michigan, Texas, California, Wisconsin).

The CoRS supports educators working in real-time, co-located or not, collaborating synchronously in creating the device-independent, deeply-digital, highly-interactive Roadmaps. Virtually any URL – any digital element on the Internet – can be included as a resource in a Roadmap. And, virtually any application, e.g., word processor, game, simulation can also be included in a Roadmap. Roadmaps also support learners working in real-time, co-located or not, collaborating synchronously. We will also show how SEL – socio-emotional learning – skills can be integrated into Roadmaps. And, unlike more traditional “authoring” environments (e.g., Blackboard), CoRS is easy to learn and easy to use.

During the workshop, attendees will build, deliver, enact, and share Roadmaps collaboratively. We urge attendees to bring with them the outline of a lesson that they will then cast in the form of a deeply-digital Roadmap. It is our intention that attendees will leave our workshop with the skills and understanding needed to continue using the Collabrify Roadmap System to develop exciting curriculum to support digital learners.