The conference will be held at the Federal University of Santa Catarina,  Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


Centro de Cultura e Eventos
Campus Reitor João David Ferreira Lima
Bairro Trindade – Florianópolis
Santa Catarina – Brasil
CEP 88040-900

Santa Catarina - Florianopolis_mapa

Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. The municipality comprises the main island, the island of Santa Catarina, the mainland and some small surrounding islands bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.


The climate is subtropical humid mesothermal, with milder temperatures than in the rest of the country and well distributed rainfall throughout the year.

In Florianópolis, you find the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), among other higher and technical education institutions.


Considered the best tourist destination in Brazil, the state annually receives about 5 million visitors, including foreigners, Brazilians from other states and natives of Santa Catarina circulating through the territory with tourist motivation. The beautiful beaches found along the 560 km of the coast of Santa Catarina are the main attractions of the busiest season, the summer (December through February). In the winter, the Sierra Santa Catarina is the busiest destination, especially when snowing. In addition, there are destinations in Santa Catarina that attract visitors throughout the year, as the Beto Carrero World Park in Penha, and the Shrine of St. Paulina, in Nova Trento.


Florianópolis has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. There are hundreds of them on the island of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis being capital city, and neighboring municipalities. All are stunning, surrounded by dunes, salt marshes and hills covered with Atlantic Forest, with calm waters for children or good waves for surfers in famous beaches or in small fishing communities. Difficult to decide which one is the most charming.


No wonder that the capital of Santa Catarina is known as Magic Island. The natural beauty of Florianópolis enchants at first sight. There are about a hundred beaches scattered throughout the coastal island and the small continental peninsula forming the city. There are still many other attractions to discover, as the beautiful and bustling Lagoa da Conceição, the quiet Peri Lake, the traditional Old Town, the cosmopolitan Avenida Beira-Mar, the bucolic Azorean districts of Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha, besides Portuguese forts, museums, churches, theaters and the city’s postcard: Hercílio Luz Bridge.



In Grande Florianópolis (Big Florianópolis), the legacy of the settlers is not only found in museums, churches, palaces and fortresses centuries. The heritage of the 13 cities that make up the region is highly regarded. There bucolic places like Santo António de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha, Azorean villages located in Florianópolis, where you can still feel the tranquility of the past while enjoying the fruits of freshly baked sea. In the municipalities of Anitápolis, St. Boniface and Antonio Carlos you will find traces of German colonization in some traditions and regional cuisine.

The Grande Florianópolis is also quite popular with religious tourism and rural tourism. There are centuries-old churches, caves and religious faith celebrations in almost all municipalities.

The Hercílio Luz International Airport is located in Florianópolis.


Source: SANTUR (http://turismo.sc.gov.br/)